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About Retro Bowl

If you like soccer, the world's king of sports, then Retro Bowl is recommended for you. Inspired by the legendary football game Tecmo Bowl, New Star Games has created Retro Bowl and launched it in 2020 for the first time.

Are you sure you can overcome every professional rugby team and become a champion? To guide the ball and get the touchdown, you must properly judge and manipulate the mouse. The challenges in this game can only be surmounted by strong players.  


Retro Bowl's old-school style and retro graphics take you back in time.

This game has a balance of control and auto-play.

You can play either online or offline.

This game can be played on a PC or your mobile device.

How to play

Firstly, you need to pass the ball to your teammates. Click and pull the ball, then release it to make a throw.

You can transfer the ball to your Running Back at the beginning of each play by clicking on the blue circle. To execute a sliding step while jogging, press W or S. You can also accompany the quarterback on runs. By aiming to throw the ball backward, you accomplish this. Use A or D to slow down or dive once he starts sprinting.


  • Use the left mouse button to drag and aim a throw.
  • Use WASD to dodge and dive.
  • Click on the blue circle symbol under the player to move up or down.

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