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About Cuphead 3D

The Cuphead 3D has finally been launched and it really hit the headlines. With this new version, you will have the chance to enjoy a brand new experience that you've never had before.

Unlike the previous version with retro 2D graphics and vibes, this new one brings something fresh and modern.

Don’t hesitate to join this game and give it a try!


It can be said that the biggest difference in comparison to the previous version is the 3D graphics.

If you are a big fan of the Cuphead series but you are bored with the old-fashioned gameplay, the 3D version is a great choice. The harmony of classic and modern styles is one of the most remarkable features of this game.

How to play

The gameplay is basically similar to the original version. To control the character’s movement, use the arrow keys for moving, the spacebar for jumping, the shift for disappearing, and the mouse for looking around. Direct the Cuphead through the forest and move ahead as far as you can. Don’t forget to protect your character from giant, dangerous monsters. Remember to keep yourself safe from their attack, or you will lose.

Besides, collect as many coins (stars) as you can to increase your score along the route.

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