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About Friday Night Funkin'

After a long, boring working week, it's Friday night, the craziest night of the week. It’s time to get dressed up and hang out with your friends. However, you guys can’t go out for some reason. Don’t worry! Stay home and enjoy one of the most addictive music games ever, Friday Night Funkin'. You have to listen to the beat of various soundtracks and press the buttons at the appropriate moments to get as many points as you can.

Jump into this new game and kill the time by immersing yourself in Friday Night Funkin’s world! 


Friday Night Funkin, designed with 2D graphics and cute, vibrant characters, has attracted players of all ages.

A number of memorable soundtracks were included to make the game more interesting and alluring.

Friday Night Funkin makes it easy for players to get into the game because it is fun and easy to play.

How to play

The gameplay is simple. Just touch the phone screen or press the arrow keys that match the music notes floating above the screen in order to keep up with the pace, just like in the classic dancing game Audition.


  • Use the WASD / Arrow keys to play.
  • Or switch to DFJK in the options menu to control it.
  • Enter = Select.
  • To back press ESC

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