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About Cuphead Run

Get a taste of retro with the nostalgically inspired cartoon animation of the original version. Cuphead Run contains the 1930’s ambiance in the gameplay and background.

In this game, fast-paced notions are quite important. You are in the role of Cuphead—the classic character in this series. Your task is to run, overcome the obstacles, and complete the race safely.

Avoid all of the dangerous obstacles and tricky traps as you run forward to collect coins and stars. This is your mission. In this wild adventure, there are various challenges that await you.

Join the game and prove you are the winner. Have fun!


Designed in a 2D-graphics style, all the scenes and the characters as well are simple but attractive.

In addition, the sound used in the game is also retro-oriented music. That brings us to a childhood when iconic Disney cartoons like Tom and Jerry or Mickey Mouse were popular.

How to play

Cuphead Run, like the previous games in the series, has simple gameplay. Firstly, to get started, you need to simply click the play button.

To control the Cuphead, use the arrow keys to move up and down.

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