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About Cuphead Mugman

If you are a huge fan of the Cuphead series, you must be familiar with the two adorable characters: Cuphead and Mugman.

Let’s discuss a little bit about our two main characters. Some fans of this series have raised a question on Twitter: "What are the ages of Cuphead and Mugman?" They don't act like adults, but that doesn't mean they are kids. One thing is certain: they are strong and brave heroes throughout the game series. Maybe the most exact word to describe them is "kidult". Actually, maturity isn't an accurate measure of age for those characters.


Due to taking the deuteragonist role, Mugman initially could not be controlled by the first player. However, the new update in 2019 allowed the Mugman, besides Cuphead, to be controlled by the first player.

It means that the first player can now play the role of either Cuphead or Mugman.

How to play

To begin playing Cuphead co-op, you simply connect two controllers, load the game, and hit any button on the second controller to let Mugman appear.

In this game, you can play as either Cuphead or Mugman.

Use the mouse to control the character.

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