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About Poppy Playtime

One of the most thrilling survival horror games available right now is Poppy Playtime. Explore the toy factory's enigmatic spaces.

Prepare yourself for a scary atmosphere, unexpected screams, and a mysterious story.
You will have to complete puzzles, collect tapes and avoid dangerous toys.
You will be put in peril while on your journey of discovery by Huggy Wuggy, a huge blue doll with a big red smile.

Collect cassettes and tapes and watch videos for potential clues to uncover the story and in-game developments.


  • The game has realistic graphics and sounds.
  • Discovery game.
  • Great lighting technique.

How to play

  • Key W/A/S/D or arrow keys to move.
  • "Space" button to leap.
  • Left-click to use the item.
  • TAB to display

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