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A traditional building game is Pac Xon. You are tasked with organizing the construction of the wall so that it takes up 80% of the available space.
By achieving this goal, phantom attacks can be stopped.
When power-ups come, collect them because they can let you move more quickly or freeze creatures.

By traveling through space, you leave a line in your wake; if a ghost touches it, you perish.


  • Gathering cherries make you travel more quickly.
  • Glowing orbs aid in the destruction of enemies.
  • Your chances will be displayed on the left side of the screen.
  • The peach slows down the adversary's movement.
  • 50 difficult levels to go through.
  • Interesting familiar sounds.

Can you assist him in easily completing each level while capturing his tough opponents?

How to play

  • He may move by using the arrow keys.

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