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The most popular bottle flip challenge on social media is found in the game Flip Bottle. Jump through the stages and toss the bottle into the pedestal to get to the chequered block that signifies the completion of each level.
Holding the bottle's neck, turn it away from you by tossing it into the air while gently shaking it. The bottle is supposed to be grounded vertically.
You can set bottles on the microwave, a bookshelf, or a television. Make it slide around the slanted frame of photos while bouncing through the toaster.


  • To prevent the bottle from falling to the ground, leap and double jump.
  • Gain cash for each level you complete.
  • Open more bottles.
  • Arcade game with a series of unique challenges
  • Interesting sounds
  • Nice and sharp graphics
  • Fun game

How to play

Use a mouse to tap

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