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About Cuphead

Run-and-gun video game Cuphead was created and released by Studio MDHR. The main character of the game, Cuphead, makes a bargain with the Devil to retrieve the souls of debtors as payment for Cuphead's loss after losing gambling at the Devil's casino. The game doesn't have many plots; instead, two players can control Cuphead and/or his brother Mugman as they fight their way through a variety of levels and boss battles. The closer the game comes to the end, the stronger and more powerful the protagonist becomes. And finally, put the Devil himself in danger. Players can only have a specific number of these skills equipped at once, though.

Inspired by Disney animated films in the 1930s, the scenes, characters, and soundtracks are created with the Disney spirit. The hand-drawn animation, vintage backgrounds, and vintage jazz music bring us back to childhood with classic iconic cartoon series like Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, and Tom and Jerry.

Do not miss the chance to explore the Cuphead world if you enjoy indie video games.


Every little element is infused with '30s nostalgia. The constant visual filter that imitates the appearance of a vintage film reel is hinted at by load screens, which are also accompanied by the soothing white noise of a vinyl record's distinctive crackling. Everyone talks in booming, echoey, far-off tones, like the iconic "Don't you believe it!" from the shopkeeper or "Thank you!" whenever you save him. The old-school cartoon aesthetics of Cuphead's presentation perfectly match the retro 16-bit era gameplay.

Pros and cons


The happy presentation was carefully crafted in every aspect.

Clever boss battles will test your skill and command of the challenging controls.

With a co-op, Expert mode, and the quest for secrets, there is a ton of replay value.

The 1930s homage is enhanced by a charming Jazz soundtrack.


This game didn’t have online functionality yet.

The cluttered aesthetic isn't ideal for two-player cooperative play.

Tips and tricks

Each person has a hitbox in which they are exposed to gunfire. The boss's body will briefly flash when you hit it, letting you know when you have successfully done so.

Never stop firing; keep your finger on the attack button so you can potentially hit the boss characters faster as long as you have ammunition.

Feedback from players

Many players said it was worthwhile to play Cuphead. After finishing a challenging game, they frequently find themselves saying, "Thank God I never have to do that again," but with Cuphead, they are mighty thrilled to continue their eight-to-nine-hour regular run by crushing those bosses in an Expert repeat.

If you enjoy a good challenge and have even a passing familiarity with the golden era of animated cartoons, you'll be delighted by Cuphead's marvelously artistic journey. Maybe you'll even remember it by a couple of scorched thumbs.


It can be said that Cuphead is an explosive mixture of aesthetics inspired by the 1930s, jazz music, clever boss designs, and gameplay built on the principles found in the best 2D shooters. Cuphead is definitely cool.

How to play


  • Move Horizontal: Left Stick X.
  • Move right: D-pad right.
  • Move left: D-pad left.
  • Move vertical: Left Stick Y.
  • Move up: D-pad up.
  • Move down: D-pad down.
  • Jump: A.
  • Shoot: X.
  • Ex-shoot: B.
  • Switch weapon: Y. 

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