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In the game EvoWars.io, there is an online battlefield where you can gather orbs to grow your warrior into more powerful forms. It is your goal to establish yourself as the top fighter in the death match arena.
Gather orbs to level up, evolve, and increase in size so you can combat other warriors.

Keep track of your development level and utilize weaponry to defeat foes.
When you are a beginner, concentrate on gathering orbs near the edge of the map. As you age, your weapon range increases, but your speed decreases. When you are young, you can move more quickly.


  • You can level up to get bigger and evolve into one of more than 15 different character models.
  • Sprinting ability with experience points.
  • Establish your playing style and make the most of the chance.

Famous io game with a free and enjoyable arena.

How to play

Move with the mouse.

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