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The intelligent cute penguins living in the far South Pole now appear in one of the most interesting multiplayer games.

Just Fall LOL is a challenging journey in which players take the role of penguins and compete in hexagonal arenas to see who can be the winner of the race.


In this game, players have the right to adjust some modes, like mouse camera sensitivity, controller camera sensitivity, volume, and quality setting.

Besides, players can dress their penguins in different colors. That makes your character unique. Choose one of three regions: Europe, US, or Asia to start the game.

In addition, competitive and simple gameplay attracts people worldwide. Last but not least, the cool graphics and art animation will bring interesting experiences during the playing time

How to play

Just Fall LOL has a simple gameplay that everyone can understand and handle, even if you are a newbie. Using the arrow keys to control the adorable penguin and letting him move, jump, and slide is what you need to do. Besides, with the customizable mode, you can dress your penguin in your favorite colors.


Use the mouse, arrow keys, or WASD to control the penguin.

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