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About Rocket Bot Royale

Control is necessary for Rocket Bot Royale to stay on the ground. Protect your right to live by landing on a rock with its focal point. Recover outstanding achievements by destroying other tanks.
Move over challenging terrain by climbing walls, jumping rockets, and pumping cannons. For a precise shot, aim at the target.


  • Track down your adversaries by driving upside-down and climbing vertical surfaces.
  • You can safely take off and land in the air using a rocket.
  • Improve your badges and gliders.
  • Unlock the arsenal of today.

These exciting improvements are going to include a lot of new modes and features. Together, let's investigate.

How to play

  • To aim and find the target, use the mouse.
  • To move left, press the A key or the left arrow.
  • Right-moving with the D key or the right arrow

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